All of us will face some degree of adversity in our life, this is inevitable, as life is not a continuous cycle of success and not without problems. You can’t run from it. You can’t hide from it. It will find you. You have to deal with it, embrace it as a learning experience, accept responsibility, take action, and move on.

How you deal with adversity could be viewed as the single biggest challenge in your life. The true test of character is not how someone behaves when things are going well, but how one responds when things don’t work out, problems occur, and events seem to conspire against you. It will help you grow. It will make you stronger, and as John F. Kennedy said “Turn scars into stars”.

Adversity comes in various forms and is normally financially, emotionally, or health related. The event could be limited in scope and duration, or it could cast a wider net wider and be prolonged. Your character is defined not by what you went through but how you went through it. Instead of letting adverse circumstances overwhelm them or drain their resolve, successful people do not give up faced with adversity. They have the resilience, strength of character, and courage to “find a way or make one”, a famous quote from Hannibal to his Generals when faced with the daunting task of crossing the Pyrenees, elephants and all.

As you are faced with adverse circumstances your commitment to what you are doing, your strong belief and faith in yourself, and your mission will help you stay the course. If you have conditioned yourself, both mentally and physically, you are better able to deal with the stress and uncertainty. These experience help shape your resiliency which is a key trait in being able to effectively deal with adversity. This also affords you the opportunity to develop in ways you may not have been able to if you had not had these experiences.