If you look at someone who is successful one of the traits all of them have in common is being disciplined. Discipline is a necessary trait for someone to be successful in in whatever you endeavor to achieve, whether it be school, in sports, in the military, or in business. This extends to both your personal and professional life as discipline is a transferrable skill that goes with you in whatever you do.

Discipline equals freedom is a saying you may have seen at one time and these words ring true as self-discipline is a form of freedom. Discipline will enable you to remain steadfast and resolute, giving you the freedom to go where you want to go and be what you want to be. It gives you the will to take the necessary actions to improve yourself, the courage to get outside of your comfort zone to face your fears, and the self-control to stick to a regimen. A lack of discipline results in excuses and distracts you from doing what is necessary for success. You will not face the challenges that need to be confronted and will avoid them, resulting in missed opportunities. You will become stagnant, never stepping outside your comfort zone, and relegating yourself to a lifetime of mediocrity.

If you are disciplined you will gain the respect of others as you are seen as someone who is motivated. This motivation and will to succeed results in action, and those actions will lead to improvement as you stay focused, regardless of distractions or excuses.

As with any other process, discipline is a learned behavior and you can take actions to improve your self-discipline. To learn this behavior, take the following steps:

  • Define what you want to do and why you want to do it. Develop a plan with specific goals and timelines. Start with smaller goals that are achievable, which will help you build confidence as you commence your new routine.
  • Identify the obstacles or stressors you will and encounter and how you will deal with them. Anticipate, visualize, and overcome.
  • Develop a routine, and stick with it. This is not unlike a routine that athletes follow. Train and condition yourself to become more disciplined, and it will become second nature.
  • Track your progress by routinely reviewing you plan. This helps you stay focused. Accept that setbacks will occur along the way.
  • Make the commitment to follow through with your plan. Hold yourself accountable. Get rid of the excuses.

Adhering to this regimen will result in your new approach becoming ingrained.
Over time, as small successes mount up, bad habits are abandoned, good habits are developed, and you are in control.

Discipline is the soul of your journey. Get disciplined!