In my earlier blogs I addressed the importance of goals and the five key factors to consider when setting them. Let’s drill down into this further and define the process for you.

1. Establish Three Goals – Why three? Everything you do affects another area of your life, directly or indirectly, just succeeding in one area does not bring real change. Consider the following:

a. Why is it important to you?
b. What is the desired end result?
c. Set both extrinsic and intrinsic goals to achieve a proper balance.
d. Ensure the goals are realistic and attainable with a degree of challenge.
e. Assign timelines to these goals.

2. Alignment – Your goals should be conducive to your lifestyle, work hours, habits, and personal life. If you set goals which require time you don’t have available or are out of sync with your lifestyle or routine you are merely setting yourself up for failure and disappointment. These points should be questioned:

a. Do these goals align with who you are and what you want to be?
b. Are these goals consistent with your values?
c. Are you striking the proper balance so you do not overtly neglect one area in your pursuit of these goals?
d. Do you have people around you who are supportive of you attaining these goals as it is difficult to go it alone?
e. Are you truly motivated and committed to attaining these goals since half-measures or partial commitment will not get you there?

3. Develop and Define – In pursuit of your three goals what specific actions must you take towards attainment of your goals? Visualize your desired outcome and do the following:

a. List the actions you will have to take for each goal.
b. Assign objectives or milestones for each goal.
c. Put timelines associated with each objective or milestone understanding that the sum total of meeting these objectives all contribute towards achieving your goal.
d. Anticipate the obstacles you will overcome and how you will deal with them.
e. Ensure they are realistic and attainable, but not without challenge since meeting these challenges will make attainment of your goals more rewarding.