One of the common traits among successful individuals, in whatever walk of life, is goal setting. They have a vision, set goals, and take action. These goals give direction, provide a sense of purpose, and motivate. Setting these goals also creates a bias toward action, rather than continuing your daily routine on autopilot and reverting to your default mode. The body follows the mind, and as you think about these goals your physical side comes into play, putting you in an action mode.

You may not realize it but you set goals for yourself each and every day. These goals may not be written but are there nonetheless as you tick them off one by one. What you need to do is to take this one step further and create a roadmap for yourself on those steps you need to take to turn a vision into reality. Remember, everything may seem the same today, but a year from now, everything will be different.

Not having goals is somewhat analogous to getting into a car and not having a destination.   If you do not have any goals any road will take you there so figure out what it is you want to achieve, why is important to you, and what you are going to do. Remember to document your goals as studies have shown that individuals who write down their goals have significantly increased prospects for success than those who do not. What gets written down gets measured and the process of measuring yourself and the progress towards the goals focuses your energy in a positive direction with your new priorities.

With the new year upon us many of you will make one or more resolutions or goals. While these goals are made with the best of intentions, many of you will fail to keep them, with the majority of them falling by the wayside within a month or two. This is not unfamiliar to you as many of you have either had a similar experience or know someone who has set goals for the new year but after a while watched them drift away. Remember, if nothing changes, nothing changes. Vow to yourself to make the necessary changes. Adopt good habits, be disciplined, and take the necessary steps. The time is now.