39 statement earrings to complement your wedding dress

Apr 23, 2024 | Bridal Style
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While your wedding dress is the focus of your bridal look, accessories play an important supporting role in expressing your style and personality. We’ve noticed many brides opting for statement earrings recently and we are loving this bold, fashion-forward choice. From dramatic chandelier earrings to oversize floral studs, classic pearl tear drops to colored gemstone clusters, today we’re sharing the ultimate edit of our favorite styles plus tips on how to choose statement earrings to complement your wedding dress.

So what constitutes a statement earring? Well generally, it is a pair of earrings that stand out from your overall look, rather than blend in. The statement can be subtle or dramatic, but it’s important that it complements your bridal look rather than overwhelming or jarring with it. There are lots of elements to consider when choosing a statement earring, such as the neckline of your gown and any embellishment on the fabric, as well as how you are wearing your hair. Let's find out more...

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Less is more

The golden rule for statement earrings is to let them be center stage. Therefore, tone down the rest of your accessories or even omit them entirely. For example, if you are going for dramatic statement earrings, wearing a detailed necklace and hairpiece as well could feel cluttered and overwhelm you and your dress. Instead pair your statement earrings with a simple bracelet and your engagement ring to create a chic look.

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Freya Rose London

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Debbie Carlisle

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Consider your face shape

Certain statement earring styles can complement different face shapes so try out a few different styles to see how they can differ. As a general rule, rounder faces tend to look great wearing long and angler designs which help to elongate their features, rectangular faces are balanced out with hoop earrings or more rounded designs, heart-shaped faces suit more chandelier styles, and oval faces, well… just about anything looks good on you!

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Consider your hairstyle

Your wedding hairstyle plays a big role in showcasing statement earrings and letting them shine. For updos or sleek hairstyles, consider longer or more intricate earrings that can be seen from all angles. If you are wearing your hair loose with voluminous waves, shorter or chunkier statement earrings can create a captivating contrast. Additionally, consider your hair colour and texture when choosing earrings. Gold or diamond earrings can pop against dark hair, whilst silver or pearl earrings can complement lighter hair tones.

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Complement, don't compete with your dress

It's important that your statement earrings complement your overall bridal look rather than compete with it. If you're wearing an embellished gown with intricate beadwork or detailed lace for example, opt for simpler accessories that won't clash with the patterns. On the other hand, if you’re having a simple, understated dress moment, you can experiment with bolder, more dramatic earrings. Similarly, pay attention to both your neckline and your hairstyle in tandem to ensure your earrings have adequate space to shine.

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Consider the weight of your earrings

Statement earrings can be heavy due to the larger size and extra embellishment so be sure to chose a lightweight pair (ideally less than 5g) that aren't going to tug at your ear lobes.

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Wear them with confidence

The most important accessory you can wear on your wedding day is confidence. Embrace your personal style and ultimately wear what you love. Whether that’s bold sculptural shapes or a special heirloom pair of pearls, wear statement earrings with pride and let your personality shine through. When you exude confidence, your jewellery choices only enhance your natural beauty.

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